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Participating Campuses

Alliance colleges

NYC LSAMP is an academic alliance comprised of 11 senior and community colleges throughout the CUNY system. Together, these campuses represent all five New York City boroughs and serve nearly 80,000 undergraduate students (1).


At each campus, NYC LSAMP activities are organized by Faculty Coordinators. Faculty Coordinators conduct the Intro to STEM Research seminars, make fellowship selections, organize mentor-matching and provide support to Fellows, assist with recruitment efforts, and much more.

For more info, click on the school logos for the campus-specific LSAMP websites. 


Krista Dobi, Department of Biology

Pablo Peixoto, Department of Biology


Lesley Davenport, Department of Chemistry


Sheldon Skaggs, Department of Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Environmental Sciences

Ivan Horozov, Department of Mathematics


Michelle Esposito, Department of Biology

Yumei Huo, Department of Computer Science


Alison Conway, Department of Civil Engineering

Ümit Uyar, Department of Electrical Engineering


Dalvin Hill, Department of Information Technology

Jihyun Kim, Department of Chemistry


Yoel Rodriguez, Department of Natural Sciences

Francisco Fernandez, Department of Natural Sciences


Renuka Sankaran, Department of Biology

Naphtali O'Connor, Department of Chemistry


Eleanor Holder, Department of Mathematics

William Carr, Department of Biology


Hamidreza Norouzi, Department of Construction Management & Civil Engineering Technology


Yu Chen, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Sanjai Pathak, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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